Our Story

Melbourne based BoldB is driven by the creative vision and passion of German-born Industrial Designer Britta Boeckmann. Not satisfied to simply follow the latest trend, Britta instead pushes the boundaries of jewellery design to bring her ideas to life. With clever design and meticulous attention to detail, BoldB's unique jewellery range varies from head-turning statement pieces to stylish everyday basics.

BoldB designs are unlike anything else on the market. Britta creates jewellery as art - jewellery to inspire the wearer. Drawing inspiration from the textures, shapes and contrasts of the natural world, BoldB designs are created using natural materials such as sand and wood in new and surprising ways.

BoldB jewellery is timeless and to be worn across seasons. BoldB is designed for the quirky, for the creative, for the adventurous. We create for those who follow their own path.

Our Founders

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Britta Boeckmann
Creative Director and Co-Founder

Britta Boeckmann has always had a passion to create. Even after breaking her arm as a small child, Britta stuck crayons into her plaster cast to finish the drawings she was working on - to her mother’s dismay!

Britta’s father owned a hardware store, which gave her access to plenty of materials and tools, and fueled her passion for building and creating things. This passion grew into a promising career in Industrial Design, and after completing an internship with a British jewellery design company Britta became fascinated by the intricacy of jewellery.

Britta had so many quirky ideas she wanted to explore. She noticed there were brands out there which used wood, however none seemed to produce designs which combined the natural and modern. None which truly innovated with shapes and materials. None which blended modern design and handcrafted quality. Nothing which she would really love wearing.

And so, after meeting a young Aussie named Sam and relocating to rural Australia with slim prospects of securing an Industrial Design job, Britta took the opportunity to bring her ideas to life - Joining a local Woodworking group and combining scrap timbers with colourful resin to create her unique style of natural accessories. Britta gave away her early designs to family and friends, until one of her friends suggested she open a store on Etsy. Slowly at first, Britta started receiving orders for her distinctive designs and gradually gained a loyal following. However, after her designs were featured on design blogs including Bored Panda, MyModernMet and Colossal, Britta was soon overwhelmed - she could no longer keep up with demand. She needed help if she was to continue to develop her ideas and turn her creations into a sustainable business.

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Michael Davidson

Michael is Britta’s brother in law, and where Britta was creative growing up - Michael was more technical. He enjoyed understanding systems and technology and how things worked. As a teen, Michael hacked his copy of NBA Live (a video game) and created a team of 10 foot giants to defeat his younger brother Sam.

After completing his studies in Engineering and Business, Michael joined the corporate world. Although the work was interesting, he grew restless reviewing the systems of other companies. He wanted to build something of his own, particularly after watching his father start and grow his own successful environmental consultancy. He had also witnessed the daily struggle of colleagues balancing work and parental demands in the corporate world, and Michael and his wife Lauren were planning to start a family soon. He wanted the flexibility self-employment offered.

At family events Michael was always excited to hear the latest news on Britta’s business and loved bouncing ideas off her. He could see her incredible creative talent, but worried that she would start to burn out without help. So, in early 2016 when Britta unexpectedly asked Michael if he would like to join her - he jumped at the opportunity to help grow the BoldB brand.

BoldB Jewellery Team